UX Architect | Electric Mobility Enthusiast | Sustainable Living Advocate | Amateur Craft Beer Brewer & Consumer
This is me!!

I love helping people when in need, may it be professionally or on a friendly basis. Understand their needs and partnering with them to come to a meaningful solution is what I thrive on. This journey of identifying solutions has led me into many interesting paths in my life. Professionally I work for Mobiquity inc. as a UX architect, where I manage my team and practice my craft. Un-professionally I do like to do a lot of other things, such as building electric cars and advising on electric mobility as a viable solution. Teaching about how to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle into our day to day life and on the cheeky side love to taste new craft brews from around the world.

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My Roles

Me as a UX Designer

This is where I come to have fun and earn my living.

Electric Green Car.jpg
Me as an Electric Mobility Enthusiast

Where my passion for cars and technology meet.

Me as a Sustainable Living Advocate

Teaching myself and others how to live respecting nature.

IPA Beer
Weiss Beer
Me as a Craft Beer Brewer

Love Beer and everything about it.

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